Did you know that the term Muzak refers to a specific genre of background music(a.k.a Elevator Music). It has been used since the 1930s to make workers more productive, hence calming the dangerous beasts that call into customer service hotlines. Not to mention encouraging relaxation in stores and elevators around the world? This flexible and engaging art form continues to morph today and has a number of practical uses.
Picture this: you’re on the way to an important job interview on the 32nd floor of a shiny new building downtown. You’re stressed to the max, thinking through every potential question that an interviewer could ask in various ways. When you step onto the elevator, something surprising happens — all your cares simply melt away as you enjoy the lovely Muzak that is playing in the background. As a result you relax, roll your shoulders, and realize “You’ve got this”. Riding the elevator back down after nailing the interview gives you one more boost of light, airy positivity before you hit the road.  

Elevator Music Rules!!!

You’re filming an intense action sequence, but need a way to slow things down a bit. Your antagonist is antsy and trying to escape a building, but before he can do that — he’s got to ride down several dozen floors in an elevator. This fabulous elevator music will help reset the scene and slow things down. It may even introduce comedic element to your project with this airy reproduction of a classic bossa nova. If that traditional Muzak sound is what you can’t live without for your next project, Elevator Bossa by BisonTracks is for you!

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